The FAB WORK CHALLENGE comes to your workplace to improve work health and to help raise funds for The Fabruary Education and Nutrition Fund.  

PLEDGE - Choose healthy foods, increase activity levels, consume water regularly, apply relaxing techniques, aim for 8 hours unbroken sleep

FUNDRAISE - A minimum of $500.00. A target to collectively achieve by the end of the chosen month

ENCOURAGE - When times get hard and old habits loom. Lift each other up, not put each other down

SUPPORT - Assisting and supporting each other throughout the monthly challenge

ACHIEVE - Achieving daily goals each day, each week and for the month 

Each individual will have daily goals that collectively accumulate each day, week and throughout the month. FAB Work Goals are geared around our FAB Pledge;

FOOD - Increase workplace healthy Food intake (replacing unhealthy with healthier alternatives)

ACTIVITY - Increase workplace physical Activity (group training at set times)

BEVERAGE - Increase workplace healthy Beverage consumption (2 litres of water daily - healthier beverage alternatives)

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